Son of a gunner

Throughout his life, Jans Bock-Schroeder worked in a variety of media - music, painting, photography, collage and writing. Although he is known primarily for his photographic output, the performer has always been interested in the full spectrum of creativity. Since 2001 he is the manager and owner of the archive of German Photo Journalist Peter Bock-Schroeder (1913-2001)

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February 21, 2022 by Bonn Brandt

Paris is always a good idea.

Paris my love

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New York City

May 9, 2022 by Bonn Brandt

Black and white photography of New York City

Spirit of New York City

Semi Nude Girl on steps with cigarette

Erotic Photography

February 13, 2022 by Bonn Brandt

The artistic staging of naked bodies is one of the supreme disciplines in photography.

Boudoir Photography

Bock-Schroeder by Bock-Schroeder

Photo Appropriation

January 10, 2022 by Bonn Brandt

Jans Bock-Schroeder refers to his father's photographs by altering the originals.

Bock-Schroeder by Bock-Schroeder

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