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Selecting photos for you

The selection of photos published by Visual Independence are collected, researched, analysed, compiled and published by art photography curators. The selection of images is a methodical process of identifying photos from countless archives that fit a specific theme. In this process, our curators search for and combine the best photos for a specific topic.

We pick the photographs that are meaningful to you and arrange and showcase the works in an engaging and captivating way.

Until Photography

In the domain of art, each creation is unique, and knows little progress thereafter. Arising over time are all sorts of variations of the same themes, sometimes full-bodied, often quite bland.

But the force existing at the beginning of the work is rarely maintained. Similarly, when this force is reapplied, the action produced in the artwork becomes automated and mechanised, so much so that the dulled senses fail to respond to the medium.

The time is then ripe for a new invention. What we call the technique is inseparable from the art. And so we are wanting, and this is not a trivial matter, to do away with some ideas.

Gutenberg, the inventor of movable type, printed by this means a handful of books, which still remain supreme as realisations of the art of book typography.

The centuries which have succeeded him were not marked by any other major invention in this field of interest – until photography.

🚨 El Lissitzky, Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1926

Attic of Kaiser Wilhelm in Doorn
Kaiser Wilhelm's Photo Collection

A capture from the attic of the last German Emperor in Doorn, Holland. Kaiser Wilhelm II was one of the first photography aficionados. Hence the term "Kaiserwetter"

Man looking at photographs in exhibition

The Visual Independence historical image collection consists of a cross-section of the world's finest photographic art.

Statue in camera focus

To discuss the starting point of photography and how photography was born, it is necessary to step far back into the evolution of humankind.

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