A guide to collecting NFT Photography

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Explore Photography NFTs

Traditional fine art photography takes an important place in the NFT space.

The combination of physical items (prints) and digital assets (NFTs), NFTphotography, represents the future of the fine art photography market.

By transforming negatives into NFTs and selling them on NFT marketplaces, our exclusive collection extends its reach to new communities of photography collectors.

Collecting Photography NFTs can be approached in the same way as traditional collecting of rare and limited edition photographic prints.

Bock-Schroeder Photo NFTs

Gold miner panning for gold

The Pan American Highway
Ultimate Roadtrip

Children playing in a backyard in Dublin

Man eating ice cream in front of a bank

Hydro electric Power Plant
Hydro electric plant

Couple by the sea
Glory Days of Cabo Blanco

Baby sitting in a wooden box
Handle with care

Fishermen at Celilo Falls
Echo of falling water

Crowd at agricultural fair
Behind the iron curtain

The time is right for NFT Photography

NFTphotography creates a new revenue stream for photographers, photo estates, and collectors.

Black and White photography re photographed on a wall reading Papiers
Bock-Schroeder by Bock-Schroeder

Photo enthusiasts and crypto art investors can now buy, sell and trade official Bock-Schroeder NFTphotography.

NFT photography

Blockchain technology simplifies the licensing process by providing full transparency on how photographic work is being used.

Smart contracts verify ownership and create a true status of uniqueness and authenticity.

Michael Jackson, Family and Stand-in land at Munich Airport
Michael Jackson lands at Munich Airport, 1999

Entries and transactions in a blockchain cannot be manipulated, making acquisition and ownership of an NFT both guaranteed and verifiable.

Just as with digital art, music clips, videos and animation, blockchain technology offers an exciting and lucrative new format for traditional film photography.

How the works of 20th century master photographers in particular fit into this new era is largely dependent on the adaptability of the copyright holders of master works.

The significance of NFT photographs

Man examining artwork on wall depicting Crypto Punk #6046
Gunther Sachs and the Cryptopunk #6046

For veteran art collectors, the first glimpse into the world of NFTs can be an overwhelming experience.

The Bock-Schroeder Foundation is aware of the opportunities that arise from the novel application of NFTs and NFT derivatives.

Currently, unpublished and rare works from the archive are being converted into NFTs and thus presented to a new dedicated international audience.

The vibrancy of NFTs is poised to create a much more vibrant and eager-to-buy generation amongst photo lovers.

What is an NFT ?

Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, where units are interchangeable, NFTs are blockchain-based digital commodities with units designed to be unique.

Man with umbrella running in the rain at Ground Zero New York
Ground Zero NYC

Digital scarcity and uniqueness are not the only attractions. The individual benefits and emotions resulting from the origin of the Photo NFT are equally significant.

NFTs represent a distinctive and unique asset in the physical and real world or/and in digital format.

They act as a verifiable proof of ownership and authenticity within a blockchain network.

Photo NFTs verify ownership, create uniqueness, and reward creators. Another interesting feature is the ability to link license agreements to NFTphotographs.

As of 2021, more than $44.2 billion in cryptocurrencies have been sent by NFT investors to ERC-721 and ERC-1155 contracts, the two Ethereum smart contract types used in the context with NFT marketplaces and NFT collections.

Boudoir and erotic photo NFTs

Beautiful girl in transparent scarf

NFTs are singular, non-interchangeable (non fungible), rare, unique, permanent, traceably scarce, and counterfeit-proof.

NFT boudoir photography is a distinctive element within portrait photography and the NFT market for art and fine art photography.

Luxury boudoir erotic photography is all about the empowerment and emancipation of women.

Seductive poses and erotic photography play an important role in the evolution of NFTphotography and the market for crypto collectibles.

Art, glamour and erotic photographs conquer the NFT world right down the line.

How to buy and collect NFTphotography

Andy Warhol in a public phone booth photography mixed with digital animated gif art
Andy Warhol NFT, NYC 1982

The Bock-Schroeder Foundation pays tribute to Warhol in NFT format with a previously unpublished photo from the archive.

'Call me Andy' NFTs are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Images and Metadata are hosted on IPFS.

Andy Warhol in a public phone booth photography mixed media digital NFT artwork

1.000 unique NFTs ✅

Warhol Digital Collectible ✅

The Pre-Sale Price 0.03 ETH ✅

To purchase an NFT photo from the Bock-Schroeder digital asset collection the first thing one needs is a wallet.

The most widely used wallet for the Ethereum platform is Meta Mask.

The next step is to buy ETH from an exchange. For the Meta Mask wallet Ether is required.

An initial compilation from the Bock-Schroeder archive is now available on the OpenSea NFT platform.

Extensive metadata is provided for each Photo NFT, conveying essential information to buyers and NFTcollectors, such as time, date, location, equipment, and material used in the making of the photograph.

Bock-Schroeder Photo NFTs are available at:


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