Master Photographer of the 20th Century

Peter Bock-Schroeder’s story reads a bit like a movie; larger than life with plenty of plot twists. His passion for photography, his interest in politics and history and above all his humanity provide his pictures with a unique signature.

Photo reporter Peter Bock-Schroeder traveling with his camera for the illustrated magazines
Photo reporter Peter Bock-Schroeder (1913-2001)

Bock-Schroeder's pictures are episodes, narratives and stories of events

Peter Bock-Schroeder (1913-2001) photographed straightforward and factual, characterised by a consistent spirit that enabled him to maintain a dignified distance to the immediate scene.

Photography is the story

Bock-Schroeder's genuine instinct, curiosity, and thirst for adventure led him to discover the world with his camera and record on film everything he considered relevant.

Bock-Schroeder chronicled worlds in collision

Peter Bock-Schroeder
Peter Bock-Schroeder, Peru 1954

As passionate photo reporter Peter Bock-Schroeder travelled the world. He was interested in people and their cultures and spent months and sometimes years travelling. His respectful behaviour won him the trust of the local communities he visited. As a result, they lost their reserve and let him be part of their lives.

Peter Bock-Schroeder
Peter Bock-Schroeder, Lake Titikaka 1955

He mastered his camera, but technique had secondary significance for him. Regardless on which occasion he pressed the shutter, his photos always tell a story.

Briefing from an military officer at the Air Defense Command of the Kotzebue Air Force Station in Alaska
Briefing from at the Air Defense Command in Alaska, 1959

Peter Bock-Schroeder receives briefing from an military officer at the Air Defense Command of the Kotzebue Air Force Station in Alaska, before gaining access to restricted military area to take pictures.

The art of photography can lead us to reflect on our own history. A great picture moves us, it makes us sigh. Find your personal favourite in the exclusive Peter Bock-Schroeder collection, managed by the photographer's son .

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