Vintage Prints - precious and singular

Made shortly after the exposure of the negative.

In photography, the term vintage print refers to a print that was made by the photographer immediately after the roll of film was developed and the negative was produced. Generally a vintage print is regarded a precious first print. The rarity value of vintage prints is an important factor. Before the 1960s there was none, or very little interest in fine art photography and prints of a particular image were produced only in very small quantities. As a result, a vintage print may not be available or affordable at all. If a well preserved vintage print is available, it is usually an excellent investment.

Daughters of the pioneers, Alaska 1952, Vintage Print: 30cm x 30cm | Print Date 1955 | Signed

Volga Hydroelectric Station 1956
Daughters of the pioneers, Alaska 1952 © Bock-Schroeder Foundation

Volga Hydroelectric Station 1956, Vintage Print: 24cm x 30cm | Print Date 1958 | Signed

Volga Hydroelectric Station 1956
Volga Hydroelectric Station 1956 © Bock-Schroeder Foundation

Built as part of a massive postwar industrialization effort known as the Great Construction Projects of Communism, it was authorized by Joseph Stalin signing the Council of Ministers of the USSR order #3555 on 6 August 1950.

Dawson Creek, Alaska 1952 Vintage Print: 24cm x 30cm | Print Date 1958

2 women talking
Dawson Creek, 1952 © Bock-Schroeder Foundation

Dawson Creek is named after George Mercer Dawson who led a surveying team through the area in August 1879; a member of the team labelled the creek with Dawson's name. The community that formed by the creek was one of many farming communities established by European-Canadian settlers moving west through the Peace River Country.

Sochi, 1956, Vintage Print: 24cm x 30cm | Print Date 1958

Couple at the beach
Sochi 1956 © Bock-Schroeder Foundation

Sochi was established as a fashionable resort area under Joseph Stalin, who had his favorite dacha built in the city.

Sugar Cane Field, Peru 1952, Vintage Print: 30cm x 40cm | Print Date 1955

Burning Sugar Cane Field
Sugar Cane Field, Peru 1952 © Bock-Schroeder Foundation

The first inhabitants of these lands were the Huarcos. Later, the area was inhabited by descendants of slaves forced to work on the plantations. The slaves and their descendents lived here. The slaves arrived from Guinea, the Congo, and Angola, brought to the Peruvian coast during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries to work in the cotton and sugar cane fields and in the vineyards.

Uzbekistan 1956, Vintage Print: 24cm x 30cm | Print Date 1958

Man drinking tea
Uzbekistan 1956 © Bock-Schroeder Foundation

Central Moscow Hippodrome 1956, Vintage Print: 30cm x 40cm | Print Date 1957

Men at Horse Race
Central Moscow Hippodrome 1956 © Bock-Schroeder Foundation

Central Moscow Hippodrome, founded in 1834 in Moscow, is the largest horse racing track in Russia.

Moscow 1956, Vintage Print: 24cm x 30cm | Print Date 1957

Moscow 1956 © Bock-Schroeder Foundation

Azerbaijan 1956, Vintage Print: 20,4cm x 30cm | Print Date 1957

Women working on oil fiels
Azerbaijan 1956 © Bock-Schroeder Foundation

Azerbaijan is one of the birthplaces of the oil industry. Its history is linked to the fortunes of petroleum. Many 18th and 19th century European accounts of the Caucasus refer to the Fire Temple of Baku at Suraxanı raion, where the fire was fed by natural gas from a cavern beneath the site.

Armenia 1956, Vintage Print: 23,5cm x 25,7cm | Print Date 1958

Man lighting candle
Armenia 1956 © Bock-Schroeder Foundation

Dublin 1956, Vintage Print: 24cm x 29,7cm | Print Date 1958

Men talking
Dublin 1956 © Bock-Schroeder Foundation

Kaiser Wilhelm's 2 Bathtub, Vintage Print: 24cm x 20cm | Print Date 1960

Kaiser Wilhelm's 2 Bathtub
Kaiser Wilhelm's 2 Bathtub Doorn 1960 © Bock-Schroeder Foundation

Fashion Show, Gum Moscow, Vintage Print: 24cm x 30cm | Print Date 1956

Fashion Show Gum Moscow
Fashion Show Gum, Moscow 1956 © Bock-Schroeder Foundation

Vintage Prints from the Bock-Schroeder Foundation can be ordered solely in writing, by telephone or by appointment.

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Charly Schick, Golddigger
Charly Schick, Golddigger, Alaska 1952

Modern Prints

The Bock-Schroeder Foundation produces modern/estate prints from the original negatives. These analog barytha hand prints, which are numbered and limited (Edition 8 prints per negative), are stamped on the back with Peter Bock-Schroeder's original copyright stamp, and the Peter Bock-Schroeder Estate stamp. For authenticity reasons, all prints are signed by Jans Bock Schroeder with the print date and edition number.

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Cadets, Moscow 1956
Cadets, Moscow 1956

Edition Box USSR 1956

The portfolio is available in an edition of 20 and contains 12 Fine Art Prints from the series USSR 1956 plus one unique color Vintage Print 6 x 6 cm

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