President Kelly, Dublin 1956
President Kelly, Dublin 1956 © Bock-Schroeder Foundation

President Kelly with the Easter Proclamation of the Irish Republic,
Dublin 1956 | Limited Edition Poster Print


President Kelly with the Easter Proclamation of the Republic, Dublin 1956

The Proclamation of the Republic (Irish: Forógra na Poblachta), also known as the 1916 Proclamation or the Easter Proclamation, was a document issued by the Irish Volunteers and the Irish Citizen Army during the Easter Rising in Ireland, which began on 24 April 1916. In it, the Military Council of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, styling itself the "Provisional Government of the Irish Republic", proclaimed Ireland's independence from the United Kingdom.

The reading of the proclamation by Patrick Pearse outside the General Post Office (GPO) on Sackville Street (now called O'Connell Street), Dublin's main thoroughfare, marked the beginning of the Rising. The proclamation was modelled on a similar independence proclamation issued during the 1803 rebellion by Robert Emmet.

Full copies of the Easter Proclamation are now treated as a revered Irish national icon. The copy (shown in this photograph) was owned and later signed as a memento, by Rising participant Seán T. O'Kelly. He presented it as a gift to the Irish parliament during his tenure as President of Ireland. It is currently on permanent display in the main foyer.

  • Photo Credit: Peter Bock-Schroeder (1913-2001)
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