Photo essays are a well-established part of photojournalism

Peter Bock-Schroeder saw it as his job as a photographer to tell a story through his pictures. He incorporated captions, comments, and sometimes full paragraphs of text to provide additional information of the scenes he captured.

Etchmiadzin Cathedral
Etchmiadzin Cathedral, 1956

Etchmiadzin Cathedral

During his one-year journey through the USSR, Bock-Schroeder visited "His Holiness Vazgen I". The Catholicos of the Armenian Church invited him to document a mass in the cathedral of Etchmiadzin.

Armenian Apostolic Church

Ballet Dancers at the Bolshoi Theater
Bolshoi Theater, 1956

Moscow's Bolshoi Theatre

The Bolshoi Ballet and the Bolshoi Opera are considered the world' s most traditional and famous ballet and opera companies.

Opera and ballet

Herbert von Karajan
Herbert von Karajan, 1964

The trouble with Karajan

Herbert von Karajan was certainly a great conductor. But there are very dark political shadows in his biography.

Unseen Karajan

When collecting pictures it is important to train your eye. If you take it seriously and want to do great, you should spend time discovering photographers you never knew before.

Highly decorated War Heroes Russia
May Day ceremonies, 1956

The Sovjets

In 1956, one year after the peace treaty between Russia and Germany, Peter Bock-Schroeder was the first West German photojournalist to be permitted to tell a visual story about the daily life behind the Iron Curtain.

Back in the USSR

Matvey Manizer working on Lenin Statue
Matvey Manizer, Leningrad 1956

Lenin Statue

Matvey Manizer (1891 – 1966) created classic works of socialist realism.

Portrayals of Lenin

Children playing in Dublin 1956
Dublin 1956

How I discovered my affection for Ireland

For several days he walked through Dublin and documented the everyday life of the Irish capital. Playing children, praying people and the famed Irish pubs.

Pictures of Ireland

A photographer shoots a photo, develops the film and produces a print from a negative, all in immediate succession without any time delay. This is how the term Vintage Print is explained in its simplest form.

Military Exercise in Bolivia 1954
Bolivia 1954

Revolution in Bolivia

The hated army was re-established in 1953, and was built over the years into a formidable force.

True revolution

Worker with child at Silver mine Bolivia 1952
Bolivia 1952

Mining in Bolivia

Mining had profound consequences for indigenous society, severely exploited to provide workers for the mines and refining mills.

Miners of Cerro Rico

Graf Goertz leaning on the BMW Roadster 507
Graf Goertz 1965

Graf Goertz

Albrecht Graf Goertz, aristocrat, emigrant, aesthete, cosmopolitan - and car designer. He created the BMW 507, the legendary roadster of unprecedented elegance.

The legendary BMW 507

Salmon Fishing at Celilo Falls
Celilo Falls

Celilo Falls - Echo of falling water

For 15,000 years, native peoples gathered at Wyam to fish and exchange goods. They built wooden platforms out over the water and caught salmon with dipnets and long spears on poles as the fish swam up through the rapids and jumped over the falls. Historically, an estimated fifteen to twenty million salmon passed through the falls every year, making it one of the greatest fishing sites in North America.

The Wyam Indians

The photo journalist’s landscape has to be more than just a pretty picture; it has to make a statement.

Soldier says goodbye to his son
Israel 1956

The crisis had turned into a war

In the course of 1956, the conflict between Egypt and Israel intensified, which had to defend itself increasingly against attacks by Fedayeen from Egyptian territory and from the Egyptian occupied Gaza Strip. Egypt did not recognise the state of Israel and denied any diplomatic relations with its Western-oriented neighbour. It had blocked the Strait of Tiran, cutting Israel off from maritime trade through the Red Sea and closing the Suez Canal to Israeli ships.

Suez Crisis

Hussein King of Jordan
Hussein King of Jordan, 1958

Jordanian intervention

On July 14, 1958, a revolution broke out in Iraq and Hussein's cousin Faisal II and his government were overthrown. Faisal II and his cabinet were brutally murdered by the new republicans. The Jordanian government was isolated as never before.

Jordanian crisis

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Kaiser Wilhelm Statue on Desk
Kaiser Wilhem's II last exile

House Doorn - Kaiser Wilhem's II

House Doorn was the residence of the last German Emperor, Wilhelm II. After the German defeat in the First World War, Wilhelm fled to the neutral Netherlands and he lived on this estate in the Utrecht province from 1920 to 1941.

Kaiser Wilhem's last exile

German Soldier in North Africa 1942
North Africa 1942

El Alamein

In early July 1942, Churchill was becoming increasingly impatient with progress in the Western Desert. In early August that year, he arrived in Cairo and handed over command to General Bernard Montgomery.

The Devil's Gardens

Sefton Delmer and Felix Delmer at Goldfish Bowl
Sefton Delmer, Essex

Sefton Delmer | Black Propaganda

Sefton Delmer, whose dispatches were probably read by more people than any other British foreign correspondent's in the years before and after World War II, was born and brought up in Berlin, where his father was Professor of English at the University. He spoke and thought as fluently in German as he did in his native tongue.

Nachrichten für die Truppe

Gunther Sachs with with Bust of a woman by Pablo Picasso
Gunther Sachs, Paris 1963

Picasso's Buste de femme

The Picasso on the wall witnessed everything and survived unharmed

Picasso on the wall

Man playing chess
Gunther Sachs, Paris 1963

Gunther Sachs | Living with Art

Gunter Sachs was an art collector, patron, gallery owner, curator, friend of art and artists.

Art Collector Gunther Sachs

Oil refinery in Neft Daşları
Oil refinery in Neft Daşları, 1956

The world's first offshore oil platform

The "island of the seven sunken ships" serves as accommodation for the first drilling crews.

Life on the Black Rocks

Gold Digger Chalie Schick in front of his wooden hut
Gold Digger Chalie Schick, 1952

Gold rush in Dawson Creek

In 1952, during a reportage about emigrants in Alaska, Photo Journalist Peter Bock-Schroeder met Charlie Schick.

Gold Rush

Priest Hendrick Patterson prays with the men of Alpha II on Fletcher's Island
Hendrick Patterson prays with the men of Alpha II, 1958

Fletcher's Ice Island

Bock-Schroeder's dangerous flight into the polar desert.

Alpha II

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