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Collecting Photography is an Art in itself.

You might think that the flood of images online and on social media platforms would lead to a decline in buying interest, but the opposite is the case. In the age of digital photography, analogue photography is becoming increasingly rare and at the same time more intriguing and valuable. Each season, even higher prices are paid for the works of master photographers. But where should you direct your investment?

British Paratroopers, Cyprus 1958, Modern Print: 30cm x 40cm | Edition 5/8

British paratroopers draw water from a well
British Paratroopers, Cyprus 1958 © Bock-Schroeder Foundation

Never before in the relatively new art photography market have private collectors had better resources and opportunities to purchase exclusive photos and build their own unique photo collection. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced connoisseur, collecting photography has become an excellent investment with a steadily increasing value.

Mercury, North America 1952 Modern Print: 50cm x 50cm | Edition 4/8

Mercury Custom
Mercury, Alaska 1952 © Bock-Schroeder Foundation

Despite the possibility of producing multiple copies of the same image, limited availability is crucial for the evaluation of a photo print, both for the appreciation of the artwork, which may lie in the joy of the uniqueness of the work and its history, and for the collector's desire for prestige. Collecting fine art photography has established itself as an alternative form of investment. The concept of limited editions is the market's response to collectors' demands for exclusivity.

Israel 1956, Vintage Print: 18,1cm x 22,8cm | Print Date 1957

Nurse and Patient
Israel 1956 © Bock-Schroeder Foundation

Every purchase of a new original shapes your understanding, your impulses and your sensitivity as a collector. In the visual cultural context, photography and its future potential have never been as powerful and relevant as they are today, and collectors play a massive role in this development. Photography has finally evolved into an established artistic medium on the art market.

Sochi 1956, Modern Print: 30cm x 40cm | Print Date 2019 | Edition 5/8

People at the beach
Sochi 1956 © Bock-Schroeder Foundation

What is an original photo? The answer is that everything we print from the original negative is an original photo. The Bock Schroeder Foundation produces editions of 8 of each negative. The prices of the prints in the editions change with each sale, as the prints become progressively more limited. The more limited, the more expensive prints from an edition will become.

Anchorage 1959, Modern Print: 50cm x 50cm | Print Date 2019 | Edition 4/8

Soldiers looking at a woman walking by
Anchorage 1959 © Bock-Schroeder Foundation

Provenance has always been an important factor in the art market, and it is the same in the fine art photography market. Besides the possibility of contributing to an increase in value because of the reputation of the previous owner, provenance is also important in determining that a photograph is not a forgery. A direct purchase from the Bock-Schroeder Foundation is the savest way to get an original and authentic print.

Greece 1948, Vintage Print: 17,9cm x 23,9cm | Print Date 1948

Priest and children
Greece 1948 © Bock-Schroeder Foundation

It's unlikely you would buy anything you don't like. Of course, your personal taste plays the main role, whether you buy a photograph or any other luxury item. But besides the fact that you make a statement when buying a photograph, the decision to own a unique print is an asset class, and this is part of the excitement.

Peru 1952, Modern Print: 50cm x 50cm | Print Date 2019 | Edition 3/8

3 men in a Bar
Peru 1952 © Bock-Schroeder Foundation

The Bock Schroeder Foundation works closely with private and commercial clients to build unique and world-class art collections and advises acquisition departments of museums and public collections globally.

Peru 1952, Modern Print: 30cm x 40cm | Print Date 2019 | Edition 1/8

Couple in front of their car
Peru 1952 © Bock-Schroeder Foundation

We are aware that collecting fine art photography is a personal experience and we want our customers to appreciate the maximum fulfillment both when buying and owning a special and unique work of art. Over the past ten years, the art business has evolved and expanded beyond measure into a global industry, sometimes with stunning and complex issues of provenance and quality, the Bock-Schroeder Foundation is committed to guiding all our clients through every aspect of the fine art photography market.


Child with Bubblegum
Modern Prints

Provenance has always been an important factor in the painting and print markets and it has become the same in the photography market.

Women Workers at Aserbajan Oil Field
Vintage Prints

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced connoisseur, collecting photography has become an excellent investment with a steadily increasing value.

Young Cadets in School
Edition Box USSR 1956

12 Fine Art Prints from the series USSR 1956


Peter Bock-Schroeder
Peter Bock-Schroeder (1913-2001)

They were not the pretty pictures of "willows by the river or beeches in the fog" that he was after, but rather the landscapes of a world violently "disturbed" by man.

Disturbed Landscapes

Where does my fascination for photography come from and how did I become a photo journalist?

Red Square Moscow
The Sovjets

In 1956, one year after the peace treaty between Russia and Germany, Peter Bock-Schroeder (1913-2001) was the first West-German photographer to be allowed to work in the USSR.

House Doorn - Kaiser Wilhem's II last exile

In 1960 Peter Bock- Schroeder visited the Villa Doorn, Kaiser Wilhelm's II exile.

Native American shaking hands
Celilo Falls - Echo of falling water

Celilo was the oldest continuously inhabited community on the North American continent until 1957, when the falls and nearby settlements were submerged by the construction of The Dalles Dam.