Sefton Delmer
Sefton Delmer + Felix Delmer, Essex 1948

Denis Sefton Delmer, known familiarly as "Tom", was born in Berlin, Germany, but was registered as a British citizen with the British Consulate.

Denis Sefton Delmer (1904 - 1979) was a British journalist and propagandist for the British government. Fluent in German, he became friendly with Ernst Röhm who arranged for him to interview Adolf Hitler in the 1930s. During the Second World War he led a black propaganda campaign against Hitler by radio from England and he was named in the Nazis' Black Book for immediate arrest after their invasion of England.

Delmer worked for a time as an announcer for the German service of the BBC. After Hitler broadcast a speech from the Reichstag offering peace terms, Delmer responded immediately, stating the British cast the terms in "your lying, stinking teeth." Delmer's instant — and unauthorized — rejection produced a great impact on Germany, where Goebbels concluded it had to come from the government. This gave it an impact any authorization would have prevented, and produced consternation in Whitehall: though the effect was desirable, it was unclear whether such a spokesman would again happen to say what the government wanted.