Ireland 1956

The photographs in this portfolio were taken 1956 in Ireland, when Peter Bock-Schroeder accompanied American Fashion Designer Vera Maxwell on a wool buying trip to Ireland.

Through the excellent contacts of Maxwell, Bock-Schroeder had the opportunity to meet and photograph former Irish President Seán Thomas O'Kelly.

He had access to the set of "Captain Lightfoot" with Rock Hudson and was able to photograph there.

PBS met and photographed Dr. Collis, the doctor of Christy Brown.

Peter Bock-Schroeder also met Brendan Behan who he had faced in the Second World War in Africa, and probably drank more than one beer with him.

The majority of the images from the Irish series are cityscapes and portraits of common people.

The Bock-Schroeder Estate

Every Picture tells a story

Peter Bock Schroeder (1913-2001) was a German born photographer whose legacy is only now being discovered, 13 years after his death on February 19th 2001. The majority of his work are negatives and vintage prints taken between 1935 and 1999.

The Peter Bock-Schroeder Estate actively promotes his work. After years of consistently organizing and archiving the 8000 negatives and 1000 vintage prints, the Estate will produce a comprehensive catalogue of P.B.S. in July 2014.